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Let's talk about water

The “Let’s Talk About Water Film Prize" is initiative to promote and lobby for international water projects.

The main themes, “too much”, “too little” and “too dirty”, convey growing concerns for global environmental and climate changes, and specifically underline the resulting humanitarian impact.

LTAW addresses these issues using films, and aims to build the lobby for effective and lasting ways to cope with these changes.

If you have a science-focused story to tell about water, and are able to make a film about it, then please submit it here at the Let’s Talk About Water Film Prize.

Join the growing international community of filmakers, Universities, Civil Engineering companies, and help support the cause to initiate international study and water related projects.

All films will be available on this platform. A presentation of the prize winners will take place at our film festival in June 2020 - See you there!

Let's Talk About Water film prize submissions:

International Film Prize      Youth Film Prize